Traction Splints help provide alignment for immobilized femur fractures. Their metal rods provide support for the lower half of the body. Emergency Medical Products (EMP) carries a variety of immobilization and extrication equipment to meet your needs.


Sager Emergency Traction Splints to students participating in EMT and Nursing/Paramedic programs. These guidelines are only intended for use as a basic reference tool. Please defer to federal, state, and local medical protocol for definitive analysis and guidelines. Sager Emergency Traction Splints 1

Önskar man en effektiv Sträcksplint ben, komplett CT-7 Traction splint. 5050013. Mer än 5 på lager. Certification Image. Produktbeskrivning. Prometheus Traction Splint är konstruerad för att användas på de patienter som har misstänkt benbrott. Korrekt användning kan minska smärta och skada som  Outdoor antiskid nail grip climbing shoes ice traction splint – försäljning av produkter till låga pris, i produktkatalogen från Kina.

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The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the human body; the surrounding muscles (quadriceps Context: Traction splint (TS) use during emergency medical system transport has been theorized to relieve pain, limit continued injury from loose bone fragments, and decrease potential bleeding space in the injured thigh.Aims: This study aimed to evaluate the benefit of prehospital TS (PTS) application, using data from the trauma registry at a large Level 1 trauma center. 2012-03-01 FernoTrac Traction Splints’ mechanical traction reduces the possibility of vascular and nerve damage in patients with long-bone fractures, as wide elastic support straps maintain the injured leg within the frame of the splint, helping to provide in-line traction. The present study was completed to establish an epidemiologic database defining the prehospital occurrence of midthigh trauma/suspected femoral shaft fractures, and the use of/need for traction splints (TS) in hope of developing recommendations for … Synonyms for Traction splint in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Traction splint. 8 words related to splint: paring, shaving, sliver, mechanical device, practice of medicine, medicine, care for, treat. What are synonyms for Traction splint? There are two groups of traction splints: The Thomas half-ring group, which includes the Thomas splint, the modified Thomas splint, the QD-4 Hare traction splint Non-half-ring group, which includes the Sager splint, and the most advanced; CT-EMS, Carbon Fiber traction system.

The CT-6 is a leg traction splint designed for pre hospital care and patient transport, specifically in combat scenarios. It is primarily used on patients with mid-line femur fractures. The CT-6 helps relieve patient pain and prevents further damage to surrounding muscle and tissue while reducing the risk of death caused from severed arteries.

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Traction splint

The Prometheus Traction Splint is designed to be used on those patients with a suspected limb fracture. Proper use can decrease the pain and damage caused by

Patients were followed for 6 months. Results were evaluated using "Total Active Motion Scores" and grip strength. Results: The results were excellent in 72% of the patients, good in 22%, and poor in 6%. 2021-02-10 Traction splints are widely used for immobilisation of fractures of the lower limb. There is brevity of evidence-based research on their efficacy. We present a case of skin complication following Traction splints are a temporary form of immobilization, as prolonged use of traction splints can cause pressure sores.

The application of a correctly applied traction splint reduces haemorrhage & muscle spasms and immobilizes the limb preventing further damage to the surrounding tissue and anatomical structures. This leads to a reduction in pain but appropriate analgesia is required prior to and following the application of the splint. 2014-06-30 Traction splints have been used in EMS for more than 40 years. However, they were originally designed for the treatment of femoral fractures -- not temporary stabilization.
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Deze innovatieve tractiespalk heeft het tractiemechanisme gepositioneerd op de heup van de patiënt. TRACTION SPLINT FOR HAND AND FINGERS DONALD GORDON, M.D. New York, New York IN 1924, a young man was sent to me with comminuted fractures of the second, third, fourth and fifth metacarpal bones of the right hand. The second was compounded on the dorsum of the hand where there was a granu- lating wound 2 inches long. 2019-09-19 · Traction splints are very complicated to apply compared with an air splint. If you plan to have one, you must develop a good technique.

For these fractures they may reduce pain and decrease  11 items Traction Splints help provide alignment for immobilized femur fractures.
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Traction splint

Since the maxillary traction splint moves the teeth en masse, the dentoskeletal changes are due primarily to the headgear force. Selective mandibular dental 

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Hare Traction Splints. $430.00. Hare Traction Splint, the original traction splinting device, realigns a fractured femur to its proper position. Protect your patient from further hemorrhage and additional nerve, vascular, bone, and muscle damage. Includes ratchet traction device and "S" ring hook, heel stand and release pull ring, collet locking device, four leg support straps, ischial strap and pad, adjustable ankle strap, carrying case, and instructions.

D. Open and position the Velcro straps along the splint. E. Release the ratchet, extending the entire length of the traction strap. F. Place the splint next to the injured leg. 4. Traction Pull: On Hare type splints the traction pull is determined by the provider who is manually pulling the traction. The mechanical pull should equal the EMS provider pull. Only the provider pulling traction can determine this.

HealthONE EMS EMT Skills Series. This video demonstrates the proper application of a traction splint

Mobilization splints use either inelastic (Fig. 8-22) or elastic traction (Fig. 8-23) to generate joint motion of primary supple joints or to effect tissue remodeling of primary stiff joints. the traction splint must be against the bony prominence of the buttocks (ischial tuberosity). If equipped with a kickstand at the end of the traction splint, extend it once the traction splint is in place. Pad the groin and gently, but securely apply the ischial strap.

It is designed to offer an impermanent steadiness at the scene for transportation to the particular healthcare institution. However, prolonged utilization of traction splint can lead to pressure sores. There are several types of splints used in Tighten using the green strap. The yellow strap fits over the pole end (black part) and traction can be applied gently by tightening the red strap. Traction should be applied until the leg is comfortably under traction and in anatomical alignment. The application of a correctly applied traction splint reduces haemorrhage & muscle spasms and immobilizes the limb preventing further damage to the surrounding tissue and anatomical structures. This leads to a reduction in pain but appropriate analgesia is required prior to and following the application of the splint.